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Armoured Samurai With Sword (circa.1860) Tee Shirt

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Samurai were the hereditary nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan from the 12th century to the 1870s when they were abolished. They held very high prestige and enjoyed many privileges such as being permitted to wear two swords. This tee shirt is special because it shows a fully armoured samurai in full armour just before samurai were abolished. The end of an era. 

Armoured Samurai With Sword (circa.1860)

I wonder what this samurai thought as he stood there is full traditional uniform and posed for a photograph? Did he know the samurai were coming to an end? Did he feel that if he posed extra well that it would somehow avoid, or at least delay, the decline of the samurai? He surely knew about gunpowder and that this rendered his fighting style largely obsolete. What was he posing for? I wonder. This is what I really like about this incredible tee shirt.

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