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GeekyTeeShirt.Com Launch!

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I am very excited to announce the official launch of GeekyTeeShirt.Com. We are an ecommerce store tailored to geeks looking for great tee shirts which reflect their passions and their interests. We will do this at fair prices.

I launched GeekyTeeShirt.Com because my daughter and I enjoy wearing geeky tee shirts. I realized that there were many ‘funny’ geeky tee shirt shops that displayed funny graphics and logos and such, but very few that focused on the serious passions and interests of geeky people. I also found that many of the stores were charging very high prices; often even $25.00 plus (US Dollars) for a single tee shirt PLUS shipping. I decided to fix this problem by offering serious interest-based geeky shirts at fair prices.

This is the first ecommerce store I have ever opened. I will be learning rapidly as you interact with me and order tee shirts. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions you could offer so that I can make your experience even better. I’d also love to hear any of your new tee shirt suggestions. You can send me a note at

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Jason @

3 thoughts on “GeekyTeeShirt.Com Launch!”

  1. I came here looking for a white tee shirt with the atom and black stripes like the one pictured here but couldn’t find it. Do you have them like this?

    1. Hello Mr. Vukovic,

      The picture there is my corporate logo, but you have inspired me to make a shirt like you are describing.
      Give me a couple of days and I’ll post one to the site. Do you have any other requests?

      I appreciate your comment and hope to hear from you again sometime soon.

      All the very best,
      Jason @

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