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Aurora Aksnes Square Pillow Case (16×16 inches)


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Aurora Aksnes, whose name is often stylized as AURORA, is an eclectic Norwegian singer/songwriter. Her music encompasses various genres, including electropop, synthpop, and nordic-folk, and is influenced by folk genres from around the world. Aurora released her first album in 2016 when she was twenty years old. She has since released two others, with more on their way. 

What draws me to Aurora’s music is its unique sound and meaningful lyrics. Aurora’s songs are catchy and memorable, and often have complex rhythms and harmonies, and an ethereal sound. Her lyrics are just as intricate. They often contain the messages of strength, welcome, acceptance, and hope that are so dearly needed in the world. 

Much like her music, Aurora herself is unique and interesting. She is an active supporter of LGBTQI+ people, a theme which appears in her music. She also has a beautiful spirit, and a huge respect for the natural world. She speaks in interviews with openness and wisdom about issues such as mental health, and loss, and how they have affected her. 

As a young singer and musician myself, I consider Aurora one of my greatest inspirations.

About the Author and Paper Artist:

Maggie Donnelly is a high school student with a wide range of interests, including art, dance, science, and the environment. Playing guitar and singing are two of her greatest pleasures.

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Easily created personalized environment. These beautiful indoor pillow cases in various sizes serve as statement pieces, making any room very special.

.: 100% Polyester cover
.: Double sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Pillow not included
.: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance +/- 0.5″



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