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Fra Mauro Medieval Map Tee Shirt (Unisex)


Whether you’re an avid lover of cartography, world history, or grand strategy games specializing in this
fascinating part of human history (*cough* Europa Universalis IV), this just might be the shirt for you.

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Whether you’re an avid lover of
cartography, world history, or grand strategy games specializing in this
fascinating part of human history (*cough* Europa Universalis IV), this just
might be the shirt for you.

The 15th century was a period of monumental
change throughout much of the world. In eastern Asia, the Ming Dynasty was at
the height of its power, exerting control over the entire eastern half of the
continent and enjoying the stability and prosperity brought by the mandate of
heaven. Meanwhile, Japanese clans battled for control of the fractured
shogunate and empires rose and fell throughout the southeast. In South Asia,
Hindu kingdoms and Muslim sultanates fought for control of India’s resources, people
, and faith, while the once mighty Timurid empire quickly descended
into ruin and chaos. Their old enemy, the Ottomans, quickly rose to fill their
place and began a campaign of domination in the Middle East that would last for

The coming changes in Europe were profound
and would have lasting implications. The last vestiges of the ancient Roman
Empire were extinguished by the Ottoman invasion, which swept across the east
all the way to the walls of Vienna. The once powerful Holy Roman Empire would
cling to its power for some centuries more, but was waning as the years went
by, as German and Italian lords sought to increase their power. England and
France were in the twilight years of the long Hundred Years War, while Gaelic
Ireland was the strongest it had been since before the first English Invasion (it
didn’t last) :(]. The Christian nations of Iberia were finally ending the long
Reconquista (with some unfortunate implications) and expanding their power
overseas in search of new wealth. The social climate was rapidly shifting; the
old feudal system was quickly dying out (the deaths of half the workforce in
the preceding century may have contributed) and nation states were emerging.
Armies were abandoning age old weapons in favour of gunpowder, which would go
on to revolutionize combat forever (and kill a lot of people). The Renaissance
was emerging as a massive change in both the artistic and social worlds, as
people began to reject and question the doctrines of the Catholic church, by
far the most powerful force in Europe. This paved the way for the Reformation, Enlightenment 
and two centuries of the bloodiest warfare in European history,
topped only by the World Wars (demonstrating that life was NOT, in fact, much
better in the olden days). Anxious to grow their power and spread the faith,
explorers from nations were beginning to set out in search of a new way to the
East (the trek from Europe to basically anywhere was not very fun), but would
find something very different… Truly a fascinating era of human history.

What better way to immortalize it than
getting a 15th century map of Eurasia stamped on a shirt? This image, the Fra
Mauro map, dates back to about 1450 and is widely “considered the greatest
memorial of medieval cartography”. This map of the world (give or take a
few continents) by Venetian cartographer Fra Mauro was hand-drawn on parchment
and set in wood. It is a truly stunning piece of work. While some of his
estimations for the exact shape and location of anything outside Europe (or
inside Europe, for that matter) were rather questionable, it still is an
incredible relic of medieval mapping. While Mauro didn’t exactly have satellite
mapping, his cartographical work is probably more detailed than anyone else’s
at that point. No other European map had ever depicted Japan, and Africa was
almost shockingly accurate, as was the Mediterranean, especially around Italy
(I wonder why…). The unusual orientation was due to the fact that contemporary
compasses (at least for his people) were south pointing, while most Arab maps
also placed south at the top (in contrast, Europeans generally made their maps
facing east, and occupationally north). He still took flak for it, but what
else is new. (It’s also worth noting that Mauro knew the earth was more or less
a sphere, as was common knowledge then, and apparently not so much today).

Overall, whether you
love cartography, world history, and/or grand strategy games specializing in
this intriguing part of human history (Europa Universalis IV, for example),
this would be a great tee shirt for you.


Donnelly is a student with a keen interest in both arts and sciences
(especially palaeontology and evolutionary biology). 
He has long been an ardent admirer of

This heavy cotton tee has the classic cotton look and feel. Casual elegance will make it an instant favorite in everyone’s wardrobe.
.: Classic fit
.: 100% Cotton (fibre content may vary for different colors)
.: Light fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²))
.: Tear away label
.: Runs true to size
Width, in182021.9723.9825.992830.0431.97
Length, in28.5129.4930.5231.532.5233.5134.4935.52
Sleeve length, in7.257.768.238.759.269.7710.2410.75


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